About Me


I wish I could tell here a nice story of how I picked my first camera as a child and fell in love with photography there after. But that was not the case. I got into photography by accident when I was 22 and started to assist in a photo studio as a side job. This is where everything started off. I found myself deeply pulled into the world of photography and for a while I considered to study photography in Estonian Arts Academy. However, I soon I realised I am more drawn by learning by doing and experimenting on my own.  This is when I decided to do it old-school style. I started to assist the best photographers in Estonia and it was not for long I already landed my first photography job.

The past 10 years I have worked as a freelance photographer. My style is a mix of photojournalistic and contemporary photography. My favorite genres are lifestyle advertising and editorial photography. I sell my work in one of the biggest stock agencies in the world –  Getty Images. Work with Getty Images has taken me all over the world. From United Arab Emirates to Japan and China where I have produced different lifestyle shoots for the local markets. 

My images have been licensed by Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Health, The Guardian and many others.

Currently based in Tallinn, Estonia